Water Quality Testing

<h4>Water Quality Testing</h4>

Contaminants can get into your water from old pipes, agriculture, industry and other sources. If you’re on a well, a contaminated spring or aquifer can greatly affect your water quality. Often times contaminants like coliform, arsenic, lead, and nitrates can’t even be detected by color, smell, or taste. While some local authorities may test at water facilities, they don’t test what is coming out of your faucet. Just one inch of old lead pipe (which was banned as recently as 1986) can cause long-term brain damage, especially in children. Cancer-causing arsenic is tasteless and can be found in 20% of untreated drinking water in the USA. Some findings may not be a health risk, such as hard water, but they may cause added expense and inconvenience for homeowners. Sound Home Advisers partners with the only water testing service that provides unbiased treatment matching and health risk analysis so that you have a water quality test that fits your needs.